"Save San Clemente Open Space" tells Toll Road to stay out of San Clemente

The Toll Roads (TCA) paid $5,000 for a booth at the Ocean Festival to pass out flyers in support of their toll road thru San Clemente.

The City Council felt the pro-Toll Road booth and its propaganda would be harmful and used city funds to pay the Ocean Festival $5,000 to cover the lost revenue from the TCA booth. "Save San Clemente Open Space" will write a check for $5,000 to reimburse the City and residents at the August 15 City Council meeting.

"Save San Clemente Open Space" commends the City Council for their bold stance in dealing with the Toll Road.

"Save San Clemente Open Space" has been a leader in preserving open space since 2006. They have fought "outside interests" that wanted to destroy our quality of life for their personal interests.

Please join Save San Clemente Open Space in keeping our City the jewel of Orange County.

Examples of accomplishments sponsored by "Save San Clemente Open Space":

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